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File upload FAQ

We print while you wait! 2012-12-02

There are three ways to send us your artwork:


  1. (1) Email - for small image size, send us an email with your artwork as attachment with your order number as subject to  
  2. (2) SkyDrive - for very large image size, go to Microsoft SkyDrive, upload your artwork and email us the link with your order number as file name 
  3. (3) Website upload - upload when making your purchase





1) What File Format should my file be?

We strongly recommend you prepare your file as a high-resolution PDF file. However, we also accept these other file formats:  TIFF, JPG, gif, png, bmp,  zip, and rar. 


2) What Colour Mode should my file be?

Your files should always be in CMYK, anything else may result in a colour shift when other colour modes are converted into CMYK. 

For best results, the design file should start off as a CMYK colour mode. 


3) What resolution is preferred?

Images and artwork should be 300DPI. 


4) What design applications do you accept? 

We accept: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, CorelDraw and Microsoft Word and Powerpoint.

5) What should I know about image resolution? 

Image resolution should be set at 300 dpi. Enlarging an image will lower the resolution while reducing an image will increase the resolution.

•Enlarging an image in a layout program is not recommended. Images less than 300 dpi could reproduce poorly looking fuzzy or pixilated.

•Images from the Internet are not recommended, as most images are only 72 dpi.

•An unfavorable image cannot be resaved as a different type of file. For example, you cannot place a gif file in Photoshop and resave it as an EPS file. This does not change the compatibility of the file. If you have to use low-resolution images, we will print only after you consent to the quality. 


6) How many files can I upload at once? 

You can upload only one file per order. If you have more than one image that needs to be uploaded, you have two options:

a) place more than one order - one file per order. Repeat the uploading sequence for each image; 

b) or simply compress all images into a .RAR or .ZIP file with a .TXT file. In the .TXT file you should specify anything you want to be done with those files. If using this method, please in the "quantity" box select the number of files you included in your compressed file. Make sure the cost is the total order cost and not just the cost for one file. You can also send us email with attachment. Please refer to the next Question. 

7) How big can my files be? 
This website supports up to 50 MB of upload size. If your file/s are bigger than this, you can send us an email at  and attach the file/s as an attachment, or upload to SkyDrive. SkyDrive is recommended for large files. Make sure you still go through the checkout process. Just proceed through checkout as normal but don't upload any files. You will then be given a reference number. Please quote this reference number in the email subject and as the file name so we know which files belong to you. You should also provide instructions on how you like your order to be processed in the email. 

8) Any rules on the measurements of the image files?

To ensure image quality and avoid image distortion, always send us files with the exact measurements that you wish it to be printed. Eg if you want to print a 150 X 75 CM banner, please make sure the measurements of your image is exactly 150 CM X 75 CM. Do not leave any borders around the image. If there are any requirements of a border, we will do it for you. Also make sure that there are no important information near the edges of the image. This is because when we put eyelets, these information might not be visible due to eyelets. Please avoid this and take consideration when designing. 

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